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I write books for children. I especially love picture books, so that is the focus of my work.

Before I started writing, I did all sorts of work in all sorts of places. In Denali National Park, Alaska, I worked as a waitress. I studied plants and made a prairie (sort of) in Kansas. I lived in Ghana, West Africa, for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer, and in Costa Rica I rented boots to tourists in a cloud forest. I worked in a prison in Missouri. So far in Pennsylvania, where I currently live, I have taught dance classes, painted a mural on the local library, and explained raptor migration to children at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.

Now I get to write about it all and make pictures, too! My family is glad that I'm no longer wandering around the world quite as much as I used to, but I still enjoy a good adventure every now and then.

I also love to dance--en pointe, lyrical, and around the house! I make lots of bread, and also lots of lists. I think I could walk forever along the ocean. I'm happy pretty much anyplace where I can tromp around outside.

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